Mixed-Use Development

Unicorn Contracting Corp. continues to own and manage various mixed-use properties. In 2013, Unicorn made a strategic business decision to coordinate and develop large scale mixed-use developments.

Current approved projects:
Brookfield, CT will provide the local area with affordable housing and a retail business complex with ample parking throughout. Project will provide 31,000 sq.ft. of retail and 130 condominium units.05991SP_Presentation site plan May 2013

Cold Spring, NY will provide the senior adult population with condominium housing, a municipal/retail building, an office/retail building, a senior/community center, highlighted by a one-acre open space park parcel for the community to enjoy. Project will provide up to 55 residences for residents 55-and-older with underground parking for the unit owners. Mixed-use site will contain 42,000 sq.ft. of retail/office space and three single family homes.

Landscape Arch Rendered Site Plan1